Tuesday, 9 August 2016

30 Days of Watercolour - Day 9

Day 9 - Onigiri

My favorite "grab and go" kind of food in Japan has to be onigiri. Onigiri is made of sticky white rice shaped into a triangle or ball, it's usually wrapped in nori seaweed. you can get a variety of fillings.  My recommendations are ebi mayo onigiri (prawn) and tuna mayo onigiri which is also sometimes labeled as sea chicken!😂

You have to love the genius packaging here in Japan. There is a simple three step process to opening the onigiri which keeps the seaweed fresh. It's really awesome.   

Materials used:
Holbein artists watercolours and masking ink.
Wirgman 350g/m², Orion original watercolour paper.
Sakura Micron, PIGMA 03 pen.
Holbein Para Resable brush series.

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