Friday, 5 August 2016

30 Days of Watercolour - Day 5 + Progress Photo

Day 5 - Kure City's Station Sign

Update 08/06Here's the final watercolour for the Kure train station sign.

Today we welcomed a few new Kure ALTs to the family with a tour of the city and treat to a Hiroshima style party! Despite the busy day, I managed to squeeze some painting of the Kure city's train station sign. Tomorrow I'll finish this up and update this post with the finished version. Tomorrow will still have it's own watercolour as planned. Hope you have a great evening!

Materials used:
Holbein artists watercolours and masking ink.
Wirgman 350g/m², Orion original watercolour paper.
Sakura Micron, PIGMA 03 pen.
Holbein Para Resable brush series.

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