Saturday, 28 May 2016

May, a Month of Discovery

Welcome, this whole month of May has been quiet special really. Now, I've always been a digital 2D animator and illustrator so I was truly surprised earlier this month when I was hit square in the face with an overwhelming need to paint anything and everything with watercolours.   

What have I discovered this month?
  • Interesting new paint colour names like Hooker's Green
  • What brushes are made of
  • Amazing artists
  • Most of all I've discovered a love for painting
You're welcome to join me as I work towards improving and learning more.

Jim Kay's painting of Hagrid really kicked off my interest in watercolours,
I just wanted to try and paint it and ended up having a great time.

I'd been on a Harry Potter high and so decided to practice painting a box of Bertie Bott's every flavoured beans.
For my husband's 29th birthday I painted a bottle of Marmite. He truly loves the stuff. Him moving to Japan, where Marmite is a foreign concept goes to show just how much he loves me.(^-^)

 This is Loki, he is my first pet portrait. Painted for a friend who lives far far away.
An Etegami inspired postcard, in anticipation for the rainy season here in Japan, from June to July.
 Here's my obligatory first watercolour strawberry.^^ I've learned a TON from this painting.

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