Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Nature's Lessons Paintings

Hey guys, for the past 3 weeks I've been painting hard core to get these paintings done for the Nature's Lessons Exhibition that openened at the Ahem Art Collective from Dec 14 - Jan 31.
This is my first exhibition as a new member of the Unblush Collective.  Below are my watercolour contributions for the show.

African Fruit Beetle

My first contribution is an African Fruit Beetle or aka a Rose Beetle. This painting was particularly fun to paint. I like the sharp contrast of the beetle's colours and the textures on the back were a joy to paint.


This shongalolo aka millipede was tricky to paint, this was my second attempt, the first attempt was slightly too big for the short amount of time I had to get everything ready for the exhibition. Kinda bit of more than I could chew.;D

Cape Gooseberry

I grew up in Johannesburg and only after I moved down to Cape Town was I introduced to gooseberries. These berries are so resilient they grow all over the world, it just so happens that they flourish here in Cape Town, hence the name Cape Gooseberry.

AcornJust looking at an acorn makes me smile, I think it's because of all the fond childhood memories associated with them.


This Maiden's Hair fern was a joy to design the composition of the leaves and stem, unfortunately I need to focus a bit more on the finer details and texture of the individual leaves.

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