Thursday, 19 October 2017

Halloween Night 1 - Spider Lady

Tonight's the start of my 13 night countdown to Halloween project!

The first painting is from the Harry Potter book called Moste Potente Potions. I fell in love with the illustration of the spider lady and just had to based my Halloween project around her. Here's some information on the spider lady that I found on Harry Potter Wiki:

      "In the book, there is a picture (Figure VII) of a woman
       with a grotesquely large spider on her head, almost worn like
       an ornament. Whether or not this is an effect of a potion is
       unknown. It is possible that it is the side-effect of
       accidentally imbibing a Polyjuice Potion contaminated by
       spider hairs, similar as to when Hermione was partially
       transfigured into a cat when her Polyjuice Potion was
       contaminated with cat hair. "

Check back tomorrow night to see what new lady concoction will be painted.

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